A long time coming

So, here I go…

Writing a blog.

And yet, it was pretty much inevitable. If there’s a space to write, I’m going to use it. Napkins, receipts, old checkbooks, dry baby wipes…any papyrus in a brainstorm.

I held off from blogging for a while because I hate the term ‘blog’ and I wondered who would read what I have to say. Now, I still hate the term ‘blog’, but I just want to write…and I realize that I don’t really mind if no one reads it, because I just want to write.

So, that’s all for now. . .

Here we go…

2 thoughts on “A long time coming

  1. You mean you’ve been doing this since JANUARY, and you didn’t TELL me????? glad to hear it! can’t wait to catch up!!! 😀

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