Open Arms

They’re calling for snow here, and that makes the little kid inside me go wild. This forecast began a week ago, and truly, I haven’t been able to sleep well since then for the excitement that is brewing within.

I was thinking of snowflakes earlier today and the open-armed way that they greet us earth-dwellers…as though they are just as happy to see us as we are to see them. Wheeeeeeee, they glide and tumble and fall down through the sky to see us. And wheeeeeeeeee, we spin and smile and open our mouths  and arms and hands to catch them.

Open arms. Snowflakes have them. Flowers and leaves have them. Cocoons and eggs open, butterflies unfold, babies unfurl to meet the life that is waiting for them.

Our eyes open, our ears and mouths open. Our arms stretch wide, our legs reach out. We are made to spread ourselves wide to meet life. To greet, to hug, to dance, to celebrate, to praise.

I want snow tomorrow, and admittedly, I want a lot. I want to look out my window and watch those happy little flakes dance down to the ground. And then, I want to turn and dance with my own children. I want to reach out and love life with them. Let it snow!


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