Greener pastures

The bad thing about greener pastures is that they don’t stay green; they’re only green for a season. The only thing that stays green is an evergreen, and who wants a pasture full of prickles?

There was a relationship in my past that didn’t work out. It seemed like the perfect match…except that it wasn’t. I never really got closure on that relationship, never got the one question answered for which I desperately desired resolution. And I’ve reflected on that relationship a bit over the past years and wondered why it even occurred.

Then one day, some wise old sage delivered this bit of news to me: the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. I realized that might be as close to an answer as I might get regarding that perplexing relationship. Regardless of the seasons of change that may occur in my current relationships, I shouldn’t wonder if the grass would’ve been greener elsewhere because it wouldn’t have been.

I’ve done enough gardening, potting, and science fair projects to know a bit about photosynthesis. Light, water, soil, presto, change-o! Growth! Roots, leaves, chlorophyll! Beauty! Tweak the amount of light or water and you find yourself with a different result: scorched leaves, rotted roots. Use various soils and you have varying growth: weak, unstable stems or  strong and fertile myrtles.

So, the perfect green grass is the result of perfect conditions. And conditions can’t remain perfect all the time. Seasons of ideal sunshine and rain produce verdant fields. Green grass. The greenest of grass. Beautiful for that springtime frolic, that carefree, barefooted run. But then the sun gets a little too warm for a little too long and the lush becomes lackluster and painful. Stiff brown stalks that don’t want to be looked at or run through. Add excess rain and that field of dreams becomes a field of streams, a marshland of bogginess. Hmmm…green grass will eventually become 1.ugly, 2. hurtful, 3. mucky. Inevitably. Hmmmmm…..

Any yard can be picture perfect for a snapshot of time. But proper maintenance is required to keep the grass green on any side of any fence.

So, just because I saw some green grass somewhere one season and I occasionally wonder how things are growing there, I am content in my own little yard. And I know that the labor I put in to helping my grass grow makes its sprouting beauty even more breathtaking.

3 thoughts on “Greener pastures

  1. Wow! That post made me think about Jesus being our Shepherd, leading us to green pastures. I never thought of it before, at the right season, when all conditions are right, we are lead into green pastures. Its just a season – of refreshing. There is the season of walking through valleys… but they are just seasons!

    • Yep! I thought of those green pastures as I was writing, but decided to keep that thought for another post. : ) Regarding the ‘seasons’ notion, one of my college professors introduced me to that. She endured several harsh seasons during the time I knew her, but she understood that, harsh as they were, they were just temporary. That thought has brought me great comfort over the years.
      Thanks for your ideas and thanks for following the blog!

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