At the impressionable age of three, my daughter loves lollipops and sno-cones and other things that make her tongue change colors. “What color is my tongue? Blahhhhhhhhhhh…” I often hear during candy consumption, gum chewing, or even dinner. She bears all…yogurt and blueberries, chicken, macaroni and cheese… she’s a curious little blond caveman. We are working on the table manners, but her curiosity about her tongue color is just too tantalizing to her brother. He can’t resist egging her on…”If you keep eating green beans, your tongue will stay green…” and other big brother-isms.

Recently, we went to the local coffee shop. After several swigs of her chocolate milk, she inquired, “What color is my tongue?” I replied, “Pinky  purple”, but her brother said, “Brown!” She looked at me dubiously and turned to him with confidence. So enthralled at lolling her tongue at him that she missed his smirk, she asked “Is it really?” He assured her that her tongue was completely brown, the color of chocolate.

I shook my head at his big brother ways, but I realized he was just a reflection of so many lies that we accept. If someone we trust tells us something, we believe them…regardless of the ridiculousness.  From the seemingly benign “You’re not very good at that” to the deeply scarring “You’re ugly”…or worse.

Drinking chocolate milk does not turn a tongue brown. The proof is in the mirror. Eating a sno-cone does add color. The proof is in the mirror.

If you’re questioning what is being said about you, look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see the embodiment of the stories you’re hearing? Or do you see the truth? Are you green from envying others? Wash that envy off and be pleased with what you add to this world. Are you slightly yellow from fear? Rinse away the worry and put on a brave face to attack your own fears. Are you a brown-noser? Good grief! Get that off your nose and focus on the hard work that needs to be done.

If you don’t see anything you dislike, then why are you believing it from others? You are a beautiful creation, with an array of talents to show the world. Smile at yourself and say confidently, “You are fine the way you are!” Then stick out your tongue to prove your own color, your own beauty. Make a goofy face and move on with your day!

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