Of course…there’s always pie!

She spoke with such confidence about the possibility of finding dessert, as she ran to the glass front door. Her brother was running to catch up with her and possibly beat her to the table.

I had convinced them that it was time to go inside after several hours of playing with dirt, friends, dirt, bikes, dirt, sticks, and dirt. It was time to get clean and get ready for bed. Reluctantly, I agreed that they could have dessert when we went inside, as they had both eaten dinner before rushing outside to enjoy some evening playtime.

He had said, “I hope we have pie!”, knowing that earlier in the week, there had been pie.  Raspberry pie, his favorite. She assured him, with the faith of a child, “Of course! There’s always pie!”

I knew the sad truth. There was no pie. There was no “going back to school cake” either. You see, we’d had company. The grands had come to visit, and in the course of the week’s dining, chatting, wining, and whining, a large quantity of dessert had been eaten. One raspberry pie, one apple pie, one “going back to school cake”, and another raspberry pie. And so, of course, there was no pie.

I knew I could find some palatable, sweet-tooth-satisfying treat for them, but it was my daughter’s exuberant faith that got me thinking.

We want things…pie, jobs, friends, acceptance. But do we really believe that they are out there for the taking? And what if they come in different forms? What if the pie really turns out to be ice cream? What if the job begins with a lower salary? What if the friends have dark sides? What will we do to find the acceptance we think we want?

There is always something good…always something to enjoy. It may not be what we thought we wanted, but it is of course, good. Shelter, clothes, warmth…or coolness, any job, dependable friends, food…any food.

We ate marshmallows. Plain, ol’ puffed up sugar. Nothing fancy. But it was dessert. And we nibbled them into ghosts and clouds. We tore them into fourths, which meant we had even more to eat…more dessert! We made the best of the situation…and then made even more of the best!

And of course…it was good.

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