I trust God with my Legos

Very recently, an sticky situation worked out before it even became sticky. It was upon reviewing its solution that I realized how timely the solution had been. I could see the way that events were lining up, we were probably going to encounter a problem…but lo and behold, the answer had already come. 

And I thought, ain’t that just like God?

He tends to do that. Provide answers before there are questions. Bring light into darkness. Create something out of nothing. But, sadly, we often fret about the darkness or the nothingness instead of the solution he has provided. 

Upon my epiphany, I quickly thought of another situation that was also heading into the danger zone, and that I was already feeling the effects of it. It was a financial botheration. Honestly, it was a Christmas present…or a cartload of presents, I should say. One that I had already loaded up online, with eager anticipation for payday to arrive. You see, there were several real jewels of presents in that cyber cart. A couple were so discounted, it was unreal. But, I had to wait until payday to place that order. And that gave enough time for worry to set in. What if the prices went back up…they do that before a holiday. What if another bill comes in before I get the gifts…we’ve already had an automotive expense and a dental expense. What if, what if, what it???

And so, when I had that flash of encouragement, that God had already taken care of the situation that wasn’t yet, I took a breath and remembered that he could take care of my shopping cart, too. My Legos, my books, my vet kit…the things that my children don’t really need, but would just have fun playing with. God knows about those things. And, if he wants us to have them, he will provide…the right price, the right payment, the right time. 

So, I resolved that if the omnipresent, omnipotent father of all creation could resolve the unresolved, then surely I could trust him with my Legos. 


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