Changing bad guys to good guys


Lego Dude Red.jpg

‘Know how to change a bad guy to a good guy?’

The question came as we knelt on the playroom floor, thigh deep in Lego pieces. While I thought of an existential answer, I figured he was speaking more practically.

‘How?’ I bit.

‘Pop his head off and put on a new one.’ Pragmatic. 

‘Well, that’s certainly simple enough…’ I replied, smirking at such simplicity.

If only changing bad guys to good guys was truly that simple. It’s an intense change, like popping off a grimacing, yellow Lego head and replacing it with a smiling one. But it involves heart and head, and it’s the choice of the head-owner.

Wouldn’t it be great it we could just walk around popping off the heads of our enemies or negative acquaintances to put new ones on? But in this non-Lego world, we have to BE the smiling head that the frowny ones see, so that they want to change their own heads. It makes me smile a bit to imagine my own head as a bright yellow Lego head with a silly grin, bringing smiles to others around me. If my smile can engineer a change in them, then they already have the notion to pop their negative head off and pop on a smile instead.

Job 29:24

I smiled on them when they had no confidence;
    and the light of my countenance they did not extinguish.

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