A little time in the sun

This has been an endless winter. Even though the calendar says it’s spring, meteorologically it’s still winter. We just got 8″ of snow today…and it’s nearly April.

BUT, a week or so ago, we did see the sun. Temps were mild, in the 60s. A few whispery breezes. A weekend of verdant promise. So, we got outside to soak it up like the dry and desperate sponges that we were. Running, kicking a ball, playing tag, hiding and seeking, swinging, inviting friends over…we tried to do it all because we knew that winter was rolling up his next snowball to throw at us.

While the kids were playing, I began to rake some long-forgotten autumn leaves away from a few green daffodil shoots. I love daffodils…so tall and perky…so proud of their victorious bloomin’ accomplishment. I figured they could use some spring cheer, so I stepped in and pulled some vines away and raked a few small piles of leaves away to provide them as much sunlight as possible.

As I raked, I discovered that those few green stalks had some buddies nearby, hidden under the brown mass of leaves. Only these stalks weren’t stately and fresh; quite by contrast, they were stubby and transparently yellow. Image

I was excited to find these little spring rookies and hoped that I wasn’t too late to cheer them. I dug into the leaves, crunchy on top, moist and moldy underneath and scraped them away. The more I scraped, the more shoots I found. Then, I was on a mission…like a dog who had found a long-lost bone. I pulled and raked and scraped and dug until I uncovered about twenty precious signs of life. Weak and disappointed they looked, all that effort of pushing up through winter’s hard soil only to find little comfort, just more gloom. I held out hope that a little time in the sun would help them cheer up.

The next day, I made sure to check on them. Almost exactly twenty-four hours later, they looked like their pioneering posy pals. The sickly yellow of their stems had darkened to a healthy lush green. Though not yet any taller, they stood straighter and more hopeful in the warm rays that shone on them. I showed the kids that the sad little weaklings we had uncovered just the day before now stood a chance at being just as beautiful as their friends…and no one would even know what they’d been through to get there.Image

It’s amazing what a little time in the sun can do.

John 8:12~When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Go ahead…read John 8:1-12




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