God and Emeril

A few weeks ago, I was bemoaning a difficulty…primarily, I was dreading how long it was going to take to make life adjustments  because of said difficulty. I was in the process of praying one of those ‘let this cup pass from me (but I know I’m just going to have to drink it anyway)’ prayers, when I had this startling and amazing revelation.

God is the God of slow, deliberate changes, but he is also the God of the immediate change.

He spoke the universe into existence. BAM!  (Genesis 1) He parted the Red Sea…totally…with dry land for the Israelites to cross. BAM!  (Exodus 14) He poured out water from a rock…a big ol’ rock. BAM! (Exodus 17:1-7) One of my personal favorites: he dropped fire out right of the heavens to burn up a water-soaked alter and offering to show he was the true God. BAM! (1 Kings 18:16-39). He brought an angel into the fiery furnace to comfort Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. BAM! (Daniel 3:1-30) Angels…a whole choir of them… sang in the dark night sky when Jesus was born. BAM! (Luke 2:8-20) Jesus blessed a boy’s small lunch and fed 5,000 people with those few morsels…multiplied exponentially…and later that night, he defied the laws of physics and walked on water. BAM! BAM! (John 6:1-21) And after Jesus’ returned to heaven, God was still getting people’s attention with bright light and a voice…and the epiphanies conversion of Saul/Paul. BAM! (Acts 9:1-22)

Oh yes, there are plenty of stories in the Bible to snuggle up with when life is dragging you through a long ordeal. Stories of people who waited years to see answers to their heart-aching pleas. Stories of arduous struggles of faith and patience and long-suffering. And our God is in those stories, in every tear, in every sighed prayer.

But he’s also a God of immediate action…instant change…impressive results. BAM! What a God we serve! What is he about to do for you!?

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