Top Ten: Things that are more magical than Magic Kingdom


Today I am writing from sunny/stormy Orlando, where we are visiting Disney World. The kids hadn’t been before, and the grands wanted to take them for Grandpa’s 75th birthday.

Being around these bazillions of people in the ‘happiest place on earth’ and observing the varying levels of happiness, I’ve created this week’s top ten list.

Ten Things that are more magical than Magic Kingdom

10. Seasons-oh my, the humidity of Florida! It makes me thankful that we live in the mid-Atlantic where we can experience the ‘magic’ of all four seasons in relative moderation. Warm spring, hot summer, cool fall, and cold winter…Variety is welcome.

9. Authentic outside play-pool time, tag, running for no reason. I love the sun’s effect on my children’s hair and skin and attitude. I love their enjoyment of the ‘magic’ of a natural setting over the necessity of the theme park entertainment.

8. Naptime-sweet heaven! Naptime is pure magic in the way it transforms beasts into beauties.

7. Patience-The acquisition and usage of patience can ‘magically’ turn a nightmare situation into a humorous wait. Long lines abound everywhere here. We are learning how to cope and these lessons will leave with us, I hope.

6. Good judgement– This week, I’ve watched my kids take turns, make toy choices, make activity choices, and share, and I’m so proud of them for enacting the lessons that we’ve strived so hard to teach them. Good judgement isn’t instant magic, though; it’s one of those long-awaited, multi-step life-altering tricks.

5. Love of family-The look my daughter gets on her face when her daddy comes home from work far surpasses the look she has given any princess or over-sized mouse. I love that she (and my son) love their family, and that the feeling is magically mutual.

4. Imaginations-I spent 45 minutes watching an magical light show…in my darkened bedroom. Sponsored by Target’s $1 tube of glow sticks and two rain-trapped children. Walt Disney’s corporation wouldn’t have made it’s jabillions of dollars were it not for imaginations. I hope and pray my children’s imaginations will take them far and wide…and back home again…in their lives.

3. Value of people-My son has been collecting the autographs of random workers around this place. Not the over-sized mice, chipmunks, dogs, or whatever Goofy is. Not princes or princesses, but the John Hancocks of the Common Joes. Monorail pilots, security guards, map distributors…’the people who really make this place work’, he said. The people who make the magic work.

2. Understanding of God-‘This place is hunormous…but God is bigger’, observed my four year old daughter. ‘Nuf said.

1. God’s love-This mortal life is not always magical and definitely not always ‘happily ever after’. But one seemingly magical thing is the unconditional, unmistakeable, unchanging love of God. May my children carry the true tale of forever love with them long past the memory of this vacation…and always want to see God’s face in firework displays.


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