Holy water

The Bible verse for today’s Vacation Bible School lesson was ‘Do to others as you would like them to do to you.’ Most kids in the class knew it as ‘The Golden Rule’ because they’d heard it from their families or teachers as such. We discussed what it meant in daily life…sharing, showing kindness, using polite words…And then we went to hear Pastor Jason tell the Bible story for today, and the verse took on a new meaning.

Pastor Jason had a basin (plastic dishpan) and a pitcher of sink water (but it came from the church bathroom, so that made it ‘holy’ to the kids). As he prepared his object lesson, he told the story of what occurred in the upper room, the night Jesus was arrested. He poured the ‘holy water’ into the ‘basin’ and explained that Jesus had offered to wash the tired, weary, dirty feet of his disciples that last night that they were together. The disciples had followed him throughout his three year ministry, laboring through their doubts and waiting for the lingering ones to be resolved. They needed a respite in their travels, a moment of pampering before the real journey began.

As Pastor Jason told this story to the second graders, they were a bit grossed out…’He washed their feet! Gross!’ ‘They took their shoes off and showed him their feet! That’s disgusting!’ Then, his materials prepared, Jason offered to do the same for these children. These sweaty, rowdy, earth-covered children. And they obliged. Some reluctantly, some eagerly…this was quite a treat.

When he finished, he explained that the kindness he has showed them should be shared with others…perhaps, yes, through washing the tired feet of working parents or carrying out the dirty trash or cooperating with the nasty sibling. Doing to others…sharing Christ’s example. For who knows what is ahead in someone’s journey…and just how much they need a hand right now.


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