Top Ten: Ways you know it’s Bible School week

It’s been Vacation Bible School week at our church, as my past two posts have indicated. We’ve had an amazing week, with very nearly 100 kids in attendance, approximately 50 volunteers, $500 collected for Heifer International, and youth and leaders who have grown and shown the love of God.

After waking up at 3:38 this morning in an absolute panic because I totally forgot to sew 40 teddy bear forms for the youngest kids to stuff during our mission craft time, I realized that this week’s top ten list would be most appropriately themed around Bible school.

Top Ten: Ways you know it’s Bible School week

10. You have stacks of magazines, cloth, coffee filters, pipe cleaners, and/or construction paper in various, yet strategically placed, parts of your house…and every one knows NOT TO TOUCH THEM!

9. You find foam shapes sticking to random parts of your body or clothing…while you’re at the grocery store.

8. Heading to the pool for an afternoon of fun with lots of neighborhood kids AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN THIS WEEK.

7. Figuring out a discipline plan that will work for 20 minutes of classroom time, for 5 days this week…not too strict like a school room, but structured enough to get stuff done.

6. Singing cutesy, memorable Jesus songs…24 hours a day.


4. 3:38am panic attacks about what today’s craft project is supposed to be…and if we have everything we need for it.

3. 6:51am text messages about where the Easter egg box is located at church (subsequent to #4)

2. An afternoon with your own (small) family is suddenly solace.

1. 2,000 toilet paper rolls

Props to Group Publishing’s VBS curriculum ‘Weird Animals’. The KidVid component with short video clips about how God has worked in the lives of real (vastly different) kids was an excellent resource to communicate the message of God’s love. The catchy songs and the dog tag Bible verses make the lessons from this week long-lasting in the lives of our kiddos. We loved this kit!


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