Feasting for Advent

When the Lenten season rolls around,  there is deep consideration about what will be ‘given up’ in penitence for approximately 40 days. I’ve given up some unusual things for Lent…caffeine, sugar, worrying, cursing, men… and seen some pretty special life transformations afterward…

The Lenten season is a time of repentance and reflection on Christ’s death…and transformation of one’s self as a reflection of the resurrection and new life of Christ. So now I’m wondering…in preparation for Advent, could I ‘take up’ something instead? Rather than the Lenten fast, could I enrich my life with a celebratory feast? 

Could Advent be a season of joyous transformation in preparation for Jesus’ birth? Women prepare for their schedules to be altered when a new baby arrives. Families prepare for new responsibilities, new schedules, new memories with the arrival of a new family member. Isn’t Jesus more than just a new family member to us? Is it too much to ask that we prepare for our lives to be changed by his arrival?

Here are some Advent ‘feasting’ ideas:

Pray more

Pray more diligently

Read the Bible

Read the Bible more passionately

Sing praises 

Memorize Scripture

Be more intentional about helping others

Become more involved in church activities

We alter our lives when we have babies by reading to them, singing to them, learning new stories to tell them…it’s not too much to add to our lives these things when we consider Christ’s advent. What could you feast for Advent?


image courtesy of the NALC (www.thenalc.org)


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