Passionate about my kids, my husband, my God and living the joy that has been bottled up inside for far too long.

That’s how my ‘About’ page read when I first started blogging. I didn’t know how all this worked in the ‘blogosphere’. Now that I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, I understand I little bit more. But basically, that’s what I’m still ‘about’… (English teacher cringe…)

I am passionate about God. He’s rescued me from my own bad choices or the choices of others, he’s redeemed me and made me new, and he’s resurrected my out of the old life to the new life I happily live. I ache for people who have lived through atrocities that I have not experienced, but I know that God works his own precious process in each person’s life. And that makes me excited.

I am passionate about my family. My husband is a patient, tolerant optimist who has taught me so much about myself, the world, and others. My time with him has made me a better person, truly. My two children daily teach me. I have learned to be a stronger, wiser, more creative and loving person by being with them. I love them with every inch of my being.

I am passionate about teaching elementary and middle school students to grow beyond where they find themselves presently in life. Much of my adolescence was lived in anxiety and fear, and I desperately want the students I encounter to see beyond their own limitations. Though I teach in public school, I strive to lead them to believe in goodness, kindness, and a love of themselves and their neighbors…for a future pursuing a ‘burning love’ of their own.

I’m Kara… I’m humbled and honored that you stopped by the ol’ blog. My prayer with each post is that the life of a reader will be ‘strangely warmed’ by what God has burned into my life…and go forth and do likewise.

us2    IMG_5578

 The Byrnes                                                          The Loves

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